PPC (pay per click)

What is PPC ?

pay per click (PPC) is an important part of Internet marketing. It is used to increase product purchases and attract customers to their products.

PPC means: Pay Per Click, when a user advertises their website on a search engine, they are paid to the search engine for every click on their site. This is an inorganic way to drive traffic to the PPC site and grow the business. When an ad is running on a search engine, a certain amount is paid to the search engine by the advertiser on each click. This is an easy way to bring business to your site.

pay per click

When an advertiser pays for every click on their ad and the traffic that comes from it, and if that sale is less the amount paid, it can prove to be a harmful deal. But if the sale amount is more than the payment, it proves beneficial to the advertiser. To make PPC profitable, it is very important for the advertiser to choose the right keywords before advertising.

Keyword Research: –

Keyword research is very important for the advertiser which makes their advertisement profitable for their business. By selecting an ideal keyword, the advertiser can stop the traffic coming to their ad, which has nothing to do with their business and product, and the advertiser does not have to pay that traffic to the search engine.

Choosing an ideal keyword can take an advertiser time, although it is a time-consuming process it proves to be very beneficial for the advertiser.

To make the keyword effective, you should select keywords that are related to your product or business, so that traffic related to the advertisement comes and unwanted traffic does not come. The advertiser should choose only the most popular keywords related to the advertisement, which will help the business to grow.

Keyword bidding: –

Unlimited users who run ads on their site to grow their business, in this case, it happens that more than one user runs ads on the same popular keyword, so the search engines Bid on keywords. And according to the price charged by the user, the search engine decides whose advertisement is to be placed on the page.

Must have a profitable PPC keyword list …
The advertiser must choose such keywords so that he can bring proper traffic to his site, for this the advertiser has to keep these things in mind while choosing keywords.

  • The keyword is related to business.
  • It is also important for the keyword to be long tail.
  • More keywords should be popular.


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