Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer marketing ?

Influencer marketing is a very good way of marketing. Influencers are used to do this marketing. Now let’s raise the question: – What is an influencer ?  When someone promotes your brand or product. And makes people aware of their brand. He is an influential person for your business. And no one can become an influential person for you, it is necessary for them to have their own market value which the public considers their ideal. So that when he becomes your influence, the public will listen to him and follow him. Which proves to be good and beneficial for your product or brand. And helps benefit their business.

influencer marketing


Influencers are also both paid or non-paid. When a channel is marketing your product to increase your popularity and does not take any money in return, it turns into non-paid effective marketing. And when you try and pay for a channel for marketing your brand, it is a paid influencer for you.

Types of Influencers: –

There are many types of Influencers in Influence Marketing. But if they are seen on Broadway, we can classify the affected into 5 types.
  • Micro-influencers: –  Micro-influencers do not have many followers. His followers are very limited from 10k to 50k. This is done for a small and limited business. This is why they are called micro-influencers. They have followers limited, so they have very deep and good relationships with their followers.
  • Blog Influencers: –  This category consists of influential people who have their own established blog and who have a lot of audience.
  • Social media influencers: –   Social media users who are followed by people of every category and their millions of followers. Who has a strong presence on social media. When they have a large audience, they can promote any product or brand.
  • Leaders with leading opinions: –   The influence power of these types of affected is very strong. And they are very effective influencers. Because they specialize in a particular subject. This is why their effective power is very effective.
  • Celebrity Influencer: –   Any celebrity can promote your business very easily due to millions of fan followers. And they are the best influencers because they have no category limits, they can promote all types of products.

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