May 12, 2020

Avast Security – Avast security premier –

Avast is genuinely versatile, trustworthy and simple to use, with an appealing design and valuable functionality like all other antiviruses. Avast Premier is thus the most effective and robust protection platform for antivirus.

Go to on your computer to download this protection. Just insure you don’t have some other antivirus software running on your device until installing this protection.


Avast Security

How to download and install avast internet security

Download and install internet security in easy steps for any user required to follow these steps :

  1. Open browser then type
  2. Choose your product and plateform.
  3. Download Avast internet Security
  4. Open avast_internet_security_setup_online.exe file and run
  5. Note: Ran as administrator is required
  6. Click install to proceed further
  7. After installation done then double click on Desktop Avast Icon
  8. Go to the menu option and then Click to ‘My Subscription’
  9. Select Enter a valid activation code
  10. That’s it!


How to Activate license file – Avast ?

To activate Avast Internet Security with your license file

  • Open your email
  • Find confirmation email from avast
  • Right-click the attachement file and save it
  • Double-click on avast icon and under my subscription
  • My Licenses screen and click Enter a valid activation code
  • Click on Use a license file to proceed further
  • Locate your download file from confirmation email.
  • Next click on continue and then after your Avast Internet Security license is now activated.